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Everyone loves a rubber chicken, and why wouldn't you? They make great pets (see below), they're fun to be with and they are cute as heck!

So if you've got a thing for Rubber Chickens, you've come to the right place. Check out our menu to the left. We've got Chick Pics, Dancing Chicks, cool merchandise and of course, the ever popular Adventures of Merryl and Delores - Rubber Chickens of the New Millennium.

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10 reasons why Rubber Chickens make great pets:

  • They're House Trained
  • They don't eat much
  • You don't have to walk them
  • They love to travel
  • It's easy to train them (to play dead)
  • They make a great conversation piece
  • They're cute and they love to cuddle
  • You don't need a license to keep them at home
  • You'll never have to take them to the vet
  • Chicks love them